In collaboration with Helena Karhu from Karhun Talo (House of the Bear) Open Sky Astrology is arranging this four day-retreat on astrology and shamanism in the fall of 2022.

No prior knowlegde of astrology or shamanism is needed to participate in the course

- everybody is welcome!


Journey into Astrology and Shamanism

27-30 October 2022
Frantsila Well-Being Center, Hämeenkyrö, Finland


Guided by Helena Karhu (House of the Bear, Finland) and
Liza Bech (Open Sky Astrology, Denmark)

Countless stars flicker in the arc of the sky as late fall is turning into winter. There is a veil of peace within the beautiful herb gardens of Frantsila Herb Farm, as the plants, insects, and animals are going into hibernation. We human beings have time to look at the stars, dive into the elements and follow the signs, like our Ancestors did long before us.

Welcome to the Star Wisdom of the North-course. In this course, we study the astrological and shamanic topics that are the foundation for our life journeys. Together we perform Star Guide drum journeys and we dive into a discovery of the elements of Fire, Water, Air and Earth as they express themselves through the twelve astrological signs and in shamanism. By connecting to the elements in their purest form we can gain insight into our existence as energetic beings, experience our flow of energy and understand our way of interacting with the energetic wavelengths of other people and the world around us.

Discover the astrology of your inner and outer landscapes
In astrology the elements of Fire, Water, Air and Earth are the fundamental building blocks of consciousness. Each of the four elements flows in three different energetic modes: The initiating mode, the inner processing mode and the spiraling or sharing mode. The four elemental states combined with the three expressive modes creates the twelve astrological signs of the zodiac. Knowing, feeling, and experiencing these fundamental elements of consciousness can take us on a journey of inner self-discovery – and of experiencing the world around us. We are all part of the elements and they are part of us.

Inside each unique astrological birth chart, our horoscope, there is a flow and a balance of the elements that tells a story of who we are. It speaks of how we interact with each other and of our interplay with the world. By diving into the rich symbolism of the elements we can open the door to a fuller understanding of ourselves and of the world we live in – our inner and outer cosmos.

Awakening the elements: Calling in the magic
We will awaken the magic of the elements within and around us as we for example talk, write, dance, perform ceremonies, and much more. We will see, hear, breathe, and feel the elements as they come alive in and around us.

The element of Earth
The world of the senses, tactility, and physicality – how we sense the vibration of nature and the world around us. When working with the element of Earth we discover how we build, solidify and create.

The element of Water
The world of the emotions, the imagination and bodily intuition – how we feel and sense others and the world around us. When connecting to the Water element we dive into the sensing of our deepest emotions and imagination.

The element of Fire
The world of creativity, vision, and spirit – how we create from our inspirations and intuition and connect to our vitality. When discovering the world of Fire, we feel the sparks of our creativity and enthusiasm run through us.

The element of Air
The world of thought, idea, communion and breath – how we connect, interact, and contemplate. When working with the Air element, we tune into the flow of our minds, into community and relating, into reflection, ideals, and ideas.

We will experience how the elements speak in our individual birth charts and what they mean in the symbolism of astrology, both personally and universally.

Connecting with the Star Guides through shamanic drum journeys
From the shamanic perspective, we look at the Stars and Star Beings as we learn more about the Upper World. In the global shamanic traditions, we understand that each being, for example each mountain, is connected with its own Star Guide. We find out together, what are these different Star Guides, Star Relatives, and Star Beings, that mysteriously are to be connected through the shamanic states of consciousness. We will make two drum journeys to connect with our Star Guides, and share about their guidance in our life journeys.

Location & course guides
The peaceful atmosphere of Frantsila’s center of well-being, wonderful vegetarian food, and closeness to nature keep us firmly on the ground, even as we connect with the elements and Stars during the course. We take care of our connection to nature during outdoor exercises and walks, and integrate everything we learn into our daily lives. Welcome to the sacred land of Frantsila Herb Farm!

It is possible to travel to the Frantsila retreat center by public transport. It is possible to take a direct bus from Helsinki to Hämeenkyrö, or taking a train to Tampere, from where taking a bus to Hämeenkyrö.

Helena Karhu: Helena Karhu is a cultural producer and researcher, meditation and mindfulness instructor, M.Sc. (University of Eastern Finland). Helena's life's work is related to the development of folk knowledge and culture at Karhun Talo (House of the Bear). Helena is a dissertation researcher at the University of Eastern Finland, still studying shamanistic experience and ceremonialism in the Nordic countries today. Helena also works as a mindfulness meditation instructor and Reiki Master. Helena is the mother of 10-year-old twins. Helena returned to Joensuu in 2018 after more than 13 years in Copenhagen, and she has also lived in Greenland and Alaska. The spirit of the Nordic ancestors and nature invites her to tell more about the nature of the North, the original natural tradition, and to combine the archaic methods and possibilities of modern culture. More about Helena from her website Karhun Talo (House of the Bear) below.

Liza Bech: As an international guest we welcome Liza Bech who travels to Finland for the first time to meet everyone at the course. Liza is a Copenhagen-based astrologer and certified Reiki Master with a Master’s Degree in Literature (University of Copenhagen). Liza is a Certified Strategic Communications Advisor and has worked for more than ten years as a strategic communications advisor in private and public organizations before opening her own astrological consultation. Liza approaches astrology from the perspective of personal and spiritual development, seeing a birth chart is a representation of our unique character and energetics and a way of discovering our resources and potentials. Liza was educated from The Blue Rose School of Astrology in Dublin, Ireland, having also completed courses with Caelestis, an astrology school in Utrecht, Holland. In her consultation Liza offers readings of birth charts, readings of business charts and sessions on locational/geographical astrology.

For whom is this course?
Anyone with the interest to the course topics is welcome to join. No earlier astrological or shamanic studies are required. The course is completely alcohol- and substance free.

Course language
The course wil be conducted in English.

Please submit your birth details
When booking the course please make sure to submit your birth details for calculation of your personal birth chart and elemental expression. The data needed is your birth date, place of birth and exact birth time and should preferably be from birth certificate or other public documentation.

Course fee and signing up:

The course fee is SUPER-EARLY BIRD by the 1st of May 2022: 299 EUR
EARLY-BIRD by 1st of August: 349 EUR
After the 1st of August, the normal price is 395 EUR

incl. the course program and 24% VAT. in addition will be the accommodation with the full-board:

Accommodation with full-board: This is an in-person retreat, where we strongly suggest all the participants to reside in the well-being center. This will energetically keep us together during this time and allow your own process the time and solitude necessary for the work this weekend. The accommodation with full-board is at the Frantsila Well-Being Center in Hämeenkyrö, Finland. Accommodation with full-board (from the dinner of the arrival night to the lunch on departure day) is an additional 270 EUR /per person / 3 nights in shared rooms. There is a couple of single rooms available with extra costs.

Booking to the course: Please book via the registration form below, where also your information for the birth chart is included.

All the participants must read the reservation guidelines of Karhun Talo, please see below.

Contact: If you have any questions, please contact:

The program (preliminary):

Thursday 27.10.2022

16.00-17.00: Arrivals

17.00: Opening Circle: Ether & Elemental meditation (Helena)

18.30: Dinner

19:30: Astrology. The history of the Four Elements; the idea of the One and the living cosmos; astrology as a language of consciousness; introduction to the movement of energy: the two Polarities and the three Modes (Liza)

Friday 28.10.2022
08:0:0 Breakfast

09:00: Astrology: The element of Earth. Creation, stability, the body, nature – welcome to the tangible world of Earth. Learning the astrological language and vocabulary of Earth and journeying into the realm of the physical senses (Liza)

10.30-11.00 Break

11.00-12.00: Astrology: The Element of Water. Feelings, the imagination, undercurrents, flow – diving into The World of Emotions. Learning the astrological language and vocabulary of Water and sinking slowly and deeply into a meditation (Liza)

12:00-13.00: Lunch

13:00-14.00: Astrology: The element of Water (continuation) (Liza)

14.00-15-00: Break 15.00: Coffee and tea available

15:30: Shamanic Medicine Walk (Helena)

17:30: Dinner Rest & Sauna

Saturday 29.10.2022

08:00: Breakfast

09:00: Astrology. The element of Fire. Creativity, sparks, intuition and spirit – entering into the World of Vision. Learning the astrological language and vocabular of Fire, raising the energy and fanning the inner flame (Liza)

10.30-11.00 Break

11.00-12.00: Astrology. The element of Air. Ideas, contemplation, thought and communion. Breathing into The World of Mind. Learning the astrological language and vocabulary of Air and exploring the power of the word (Liza)

12:00-13.00: Lunch

13:00- 16.00 Free time – possibility to take the spa treatments and massages of Frantsila well-being center

15:00: Coffee/tea available

16:00: Astrology. The element of Air (continuation) followed by learning the combination of the elements: Elemental meetings: Geysers, seedlings, hot air balloons and divine architects (Liza)

17:30: Dinner

19:00: The Drum Journey 1: the Star Guides (Helena)

Sunday 30.10.2022

08:00: Breakfast

09:00: Astrology. The combination of the elements: Elemental meetings (continuation) (Liza)

10.00: Break

10.30: The Drum Journey 2: the Star Guides and Star Relatives (Helena)

12:00: Lunch

13:00-14:00: Course closure and final ceremony (Helena)

14:00: Departures to home